Changes in the Office of the Deputy Governor

14th January, 2010

As part of the restructuring of the Montserrat Public Service, a number of changes have been made in the Office of the Deputy Governor which is now comprised of four (4) Units: Human Resource Management Unit (HRMU), Performance Management and Development Unit (PMDU), Public Service Reform Unit (PSRU) and the Office of the Deputy Governor (ODG) Headquarters. An interim arrangment has been put in place to facilitate the smooth functioning of the Units and allow placement and development of staff. On island is consultant Mr. Jeff Ansell to assist with this process. A Team Building and Team Working development session was conducted by Mr. Ansell, with all members of staff within the Office of the Deputy Governor on Friday 8th, January 2010.

Mr. Jeff Ansell, ATOS Consultant

Mr. Jeff Ansell, ATOS Consultant

ODG Staff

Some Participants at ODG's Team Building & Team Working Session

With immediate effect, there will be two (2) Departments operating from the Office of the Deputy Governor, Farara Plaza; these are the Performace Management and Development Unit and the Public Service Reform Unit. Mrs. Delmaude Ryan will have overall responsibility for these Units.

All matters dealing with Training, Corporate and Business Planning and Performance of Units and individuals have been subsumed under PMDU. Students and all other persons wishing to contact the former Training Department, can do so by visiting them at #3 Farara Plaza or telephone (664) 491-2693, 491-9202 and 491-6524.

The Human Resource Management Unit, formely the Department of Administration continues to operate out of the former Administration Department Building at Government Headquarters. Ms. Clemence Fergus will act as Director, HRMU and would have overall responsibility for the activities under ConsularAffairs, Building and Security.