Performance Management and Development Unit Now Operational

26th February, 2010

The PMDU came into effect as a result of an organization review of the Department of Administration and the Office of the Chief Establishment Officer, now the Office of the Deputy Governor, in 2009. It is one of the four units in the Office of the Deputy Governor. The other units are the Human Resource Management Unit and the Public Service Reform Unit

The Unit was created to ensure that focus is maintained on the development of a performance and customer oriented culture within the Montserrat Public Service. The core activities of the unit focus on:-

  • Individual Performance and Development
  • Corporate Performance and
  • Organizational Development

The Performance and Development function, combines the responsibility of existing activities carried out by the former Training Division with all aspects of individual performance management – appraisal, career development and succession planning.

Corporate performance supports the development of a performance driven government service through the development and modification of performance management systems; coordinates and monitors the development of corporate and business plans to ensure the integration of national development goals.

Organisational Development encourages a continuous improvement culture and approach to reform across the public service. This ensures that appropriate structures and systems are developed and instituted in the Public Service in a harmonized manner for efficient and effective service delivery. Internal consultancy and management services are provided to support improvement in efficiency and effectiveness within the Government of Montserrat.

The Performance Management and Development Unit currently has a staff complement of three Assistant Secretaries and two Senior Clerical Officers and is presently managed by the Head of the Public Service Reform Unit.

The Unit has been mandated to:

  • Ensure knowledge of the system among all managers, supervisors and staff across the organization;
  • Issue policy and procedure updates;
  • Act as resource to both supervisors and officers;
  • Ensure the integrity of the system through consistent monitoring, review and auditing;
  • Act as central point for developing and administering long term training programmes for GoM
  • Co-ordinate and organize in-service training on behalf of Government Departments.

For more information please contact the Unit in the Office of the Deputy Governor, at #3 Farara Plaza, Brades, Montserrat or on telephone at 491-2693, or 491-9202 or you may email us at, or