DMCA Review Set to Commence Shortly

12th March, 2010

The Government of Montserrat has decided to conduct a review of the Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA) in terms of its structure, roles, functions, systems and procedures.

This is in keeping with the Government’s agenda for reform of the Public Service. The efficient and effective functioning of the DMCA is pivotal to the sustainable development of Montserrat in the face of persistent volcanic activity, as well as other natural and human-induced hazards.

Government intends to implement a cohesive and holistic Transformation Strategy to promote systematic and consistent performance at the DMCA in accordance with its mandate for Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM).

Consultant, Mr Franklyn Michael of the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD) visited Montserrat February from 22 to 26 to lead a scoping exercise for the development of the approach to the review of the DMCA. That was the first phase of the development of the Transformation Strategy. Mr. Michael is expected to return shortly.

Mr. Michael is no stranger to Montserrat as he shares an extensive working relationship with the island having previously been resident here. He possesses a rich and varied background in Disaster Management and has led numerous organisation reviews across the region. In Montserrat he held positions such as Director of Agriculture, Regional Affairs Officer, Director of the EOC and Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Chief Minister. He was instrumental in setting up the forerunner to the DCMA when he was appointed Permanent Secretary Emergency Department..