Out Class The Competition

15th July, 2010

BRADES, Montserrat (July 12, 2010) – Executives at all levels in both the public and private sectors need to distinguish themselves from the competition. The “Outclass the Competition Workshop a seminar designed to do just that, attracted about forty Public Officials and Private Sector individuals in Monsterrat during the period June 28th to July 3rd 2010. 

It was first offered in May of this year to public servants. The demand for the information along with the need to expose our Government Ministers to this information led to its repeat. The private sector was invited to participate in this series of seminar.  

 The “Outclass the Competition Workshop is a specialized Protocol, Etiquette and Social Skills Training Program and provides the tools that give individuals an advantage in situations where business can be promoted or conducted.

The workshop which was sponsored by the Office of the Deputy Governor was facilitated by Professor Alga M. Rivera, Director of the Protocol School of Puerto Rico. Her portfolio includes, Professor of Business Etiquette and Etiquette at the University of Puerto Rico School of Business Administration, and Consultant to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, and other organizations in Puerto Rico and internationally.

This workshop is based upon a curriculum developed by the Protocol School of Washington, which has been adapted by the Protocol School of Puerto Rico to address the competitive dynamics of today’s business environment. It has been successfully utilized at Business Etiquette and Communications Courses offered at the University of Puerto Rico’s School of Business Administration.

It featured modules to enhance Business Etiquette, Image Communications, Presentations and Social Skills along with a supervised Tutorial Social and Dining Practicum for program participants

During the week, a one day session was organised for Ministers and Senior Public Officials on International Relations and Diplomacy.  The workshop also covered a session on Business Etiquette and Protocol for Bank Staff and another on ‘Protocol and Etiquette training for Youth Groups was also organized for the youth..