About Us

The Office of the Deputy Governor (ODG) previously the Office of the Chief Establishment Officer was established October 1, 2007 with the objective of linking the public service more closely to the Government.

The Office was at the time headed by a Chief Establishment Officer (CEO), however, the de facto CEO was appointed as Deputy Governor (DG) on October 15, 2009. The Deputy Governor will also assume the duties and functions that were formerly the responsibility of the CEO/Head of Service, in addition to deputizing for the Governor when he is absent from Montserrat or is for any other reason unable to perform the functions of that office. The Office of the Deputy Governor also encompasses the Public Service Reform Unit, Performance Managment and Development Unit and Human Resource Management Department.

Office of the Deputy Governor works closely with Legislative and Executive Councils, Ministries and Departments to rationalize the planning process and improve the planning and budget cycles with the ultimate aim of improving policy implementation.

The Office is championing the establishment of results- management systems that incorporate performance management in a structured process to help improve the way Government of Montserrat (GoM) works. The Office has formed partnerships with other Overseas Territories, agencies and organizations to ensure that the Montserrat Public Service is exposed to high quality modern best practices in public service operations.


To be the centre for the promotion of excellence and good governance in all areas of Government while contributing to the overall modernisation of the Montserrat Public Service.


To ensure the effective administration and implementation of government policies in the areas of internal administration, and to create within government as a whole, structures, systems, and processes which foster and facilitate planning, performance measurement, accountability and communication for the provision of improved service to the Public.