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The Office of the Deputy Governor has completed the second in a series of Public Sector Forums on May 25th, 2011 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. The areas discussed were captioned under the heading – ‘Being the best you in preparing for Montserrat’s Redevelopment.’
Presenters for this forum included:-
• The Honorable Governor, Adrian Davis. His presentation was on – Good Governance- while at the same time getting things done in a timely and professional manner to ensure we stay competitive.
• Reverend Florence Daley on – Presenting yourself to your boss, your colleagues, and the Public, in terms of Ethics, Integrity and Appearance.
• Ms Deonne Audain on- Presenting yourself in a way to outsmart the competition, in whatever initiative you undertake (Private or Public)
• Ms. Nerissa Golden on – Empowering oneself to take advantage of the overseas markets using modern technology.
The discussions which ensued after the presentations were lively and quite interesting. The feedback given suggested more interactions through forums such as these.
The first of such forums was held on March 31st, 2011. The topic addressed was the Montserrat Code of Ethics. Presenters were the Honorable Sir Howard Fergus and the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mrs.Camille Thomas-Gerald. The aim of these forums is to bring senior managers together from within the Public and Private Sector so that they can share ideas and best practices to enable the continued progress and development of Montserrat.


I am delighted to have this opportunity to join member states of the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD) as we mark the United Nations Public Service Day under the theme: Transformative Leadership in Public Administration and Innovation in Governance: Creating a Better Life for All. As Executive Director, I am pleased with the recent trend to give more prominence to this day in our Region. In several countries, an entire week of activities is planned and executed in tribute to the significance of the public service. While the trend is encouraging, I hastened to add that we must not lose sight of the need for us to have improvements to celebrate as we mark such weeks. Consequently, we must keep the focus on excellence of performance and quality service delivery.

The public sector exists fundamentally to provide service. It does not exist to perpetuate bureaucracy nor frustrate the development thrust of other sectors. We must keep that reality in the forefront of our minds. Further, whatever residual fears that some public sector employees have regarding the use of technology must be rapidly overcome. We must embrace technology for what it can do with regard to improving the delivery of service, eliminating drudgery from work, reducing cost and adding value.

We must also recognize that regional integration is a foundation of collective action in the Caribbean. Admittedly, there are myriad manifestations of the thrust toward integration in the region, the fact remains that the circles are concentric and it is vital that we recognize that it is the public sector which has the lead administrative responsibility for the implementation of integration arrangements.

CARICAD is the regional intergovernmental institution specialising in the transformation and modernisation of the public sectors of CARICOM states. The institution continues to provide support and technical assistance in a coordinated fashion and to work collaboratively with our multi-lateral partners and donor agencies to bring international good practice to bear on our efforts at Public Sector Transformation in the Caribbean.

I wish to commend and congratulate those public servants who, in an individual or corporate sense, will be recognized for outstanding performance. I trust that with the passage of time we will be able to integrate such national awards in a broader regional framework under the Caribbean Public Service Awards Scheme.

Ms. Jennifer Astaphan
Executive Director, CARICAD


BRADES, Montserrat (December 3, 2010) – “Montserrat Public Service must continue to network with other Public Services in the region”. This is the view of Deputy Governor Mrs. Sarita Francis speaking ahead of her visit to Dominica to attend the CARICAD 30th Anniversary Board Meeting. While in Dominica, Mrs. Francis accompanied by Ms. Jean Blackstock, Human Resource (HR) adviser to the Government of Montserrat, attended functions organized by the Dominica Public Service as part of their Public Service Week including a learning journey to various locations of interest on Dominica.

On Thursday 2nd CARICAD, the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration hosted a public lecture on the theme: “Regional Integration; Priority Issues and Implications for Public Sector Transformation.” It was delivered by Dr. Vaughan Lewis, former Director General of the OECS Secretariat, former Prime Minister of Saint Lucia and CARICAD and a distinguished Caribbean academic. The purpose of the lecture was to promote Public Sector Transformation as an important component of regional integration.

CARICAD is the region’s “focal point for transforming and modernising public sectors of member states to better formulate and implement public policy towards the achievement of sound governance.”  Its focus has been to shape and enhance the development and sustainability of strong governance and leadership structures within the region’s public sectors. In addition CARICAD is expected to play a critical role in supporting the process of regional integration through the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) and the OECS Economic Union.



BRADES, Montserrat (July 12, 2010) – Executives at all levels in both the public and private sectors need to distinguish themselves from the competition. The “Outclass the Competition Workshop a seminar designed to do just that, attracted about forty Public Officials and Private Sector individuals in Monsterrat during the period June 28th to July 3rd 2010. 

It was first offered in May of this year to public servants. The demand for the information along with the need to expose our Government Ministers to this information led to its repeat. The private sector was invited to participate in this series of seminar.  

 The “Outclass the Competition Workshop is a specialized Protocol, Etiquette and Social Skills Training Program and provides the tools that give individuals an advantage in situations where business can be promoted or conducted.

The workshop which was sponsored by the Office of the Deputy Governor was facilitated by Professor Alga M. Rivera, Director of the Protocol School of Puerto Rico. Her portfolio includes, Professor of Business Etiquette and Etiquette at the University of Puerto Rico School of Business Administration, and Consultant to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, and other organizations in Puerto Rico and internationally.

This workshop is based upon a curriculum developed by the Protocol School of Washington, which has been adapted by the Protocol School of Puerto Rico to address the competitive dynamics of today’s business environment. It has been successfully utilized at Business Etiquette and Communications Courses offered at the University of Puerto Rico’s School of Business Administration.

It featured modules to enhance Business Etiquette, Image Communications, Presentations and Social Skills along with a supervised Tutorial Social and Dining Practicum for program participants

During the week, a one day session was organised for Ministers and Senior Public Officials on International Relations and Diplomacy.  The workshop also covered a session on Business Etiquette and Protocol for Bank Staff and another on ‘Protocol and Etiquette training for Youth Groups was also organized for the youth..

The Honourable Chief Minister, Mr Rueben T. Meade will be travelling to Bournemouth in the United Kingdom to attend the Overseas Territories Disaster Management Seminar from 26th to 29th April 2010.

The Honourable Minister will be accompanied by the Honourable Deputy Governor, Mrs Sarita Francis and Director (Acting) of the Disaster Management Coordination Agency, Mr Bennet Kirwan.

The seminar will include key topics such as Evacuation Planning Issues, Mass Casualty Handling and Tracking, Evaluating Existing Plans for Disasters. There will also be a discussion on volcanic risk assessment for Montserrat with Professor Nick Pertford..

The Government of Montserrat has decided to conduct a review of the Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA) in terms of its structure, roles, functions, systems and procedures.

This is in keeping with the Government’s agenda for reform of the Public Service. The efficient and effective functioning of the DMCA is pivotal to the sustainable development of Montserrat in the face of persistent volcanic activity, as well as other natural and human-induced hazards.

Government intends to implement a cohesive and holistic Transformation Strategy to promote systematic and consistent performance at the DMCA in accordance with its mandate for Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM).

Consultant, Mr Franklyn Michael of the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD) visited Montserrat February from 22 to 26 to lead a scoping exercise for the development of the approach to the review of the DMCA. That was the first phase of the development of the Transformation Strategy. Mr. Michael is expected to return shortly.

Mr. Michael is no stranger to Montserrat as he shares an extensive working relationship with the island having previously been resident here. He possesses a rich and varied background in Disaster Management and has led numerous organisation reviews across the region. In Montserrat he held positions such as Director of Agriculture, Regional Affairs Officer, Director of the EOC and Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Chief Minister. He was instrumental in setting up the forerunner to the DCMA when he was appointed Permanent Secretary Emergency Department..

The PMDU came into effect as a result of an organization review of the Department of Administration and the Office of the Chief Establishment Officer, now the Office of the Deputy Governor, in 2009. It is one of the four units in the Office of the Deputy Governor. The other units are the Human Resource Management Unit and the Public Service Reform Unit

The Unit was created to ensure that focus is maintained on the development of a performance and customer oriented culture within the Montserrat Public Service. The core activities of the unit focus on:-

  • Individual Performance and Development
  • Corporate Performance and
  • Organizational Development

The Performance and Development function, combines the responsibility of existing activities carried out by the former Training Division with all aspects of individual performance management – appraisal, career development and succession planning.

Corporate performance supports the development of a performance driven government service through the development and modification of performance management systems; coordinates and monitors the development of corporate and business plans to ensure the integration of national development goals.

Organisational Development encourages a continuous improvement culture and approach to reform across the public service. This ensures that appropriate structures and systems are developed and instituted in the Public Service in a harmonized manner for efficient and effective service delivery. Internal consultancy and management services are provided to support improvement in efficiency and effectiveness within the Government of Montserrat.

The Performance Management and Development Unit currently has a staff complement of three Assistant Secretaries and two Senior Clerical Officers and is presently managed by the Head of the Public Service Reform Unit.

The Unit has been mandated to:

  • Ensure knowledge of the system among all managers, supervisors and staff across the organization;
  • Issue policy and procedure updates;
  • Act as resource to both supervisors and officers;
  • Ensure the integrity of the system through consistent monitoring, review and auditing;
  • Act as central point for developing and administering long term training programmes for GoM
  • Co-ordinate and organize in-service training on behalf of Government Departments.

For more information please contact the Unit in the Office of the Deputy Governor, at #3 Farara Plaza, Brades, Montserrat or on telephone at 491-2693, or 491-9202 or you may email us at, or


As part of the restructuring of the Montserrat Public Service, a number of changes have been made in the Office of the Deputy Governor which is now comprised of four (4) Units: Human Resource Management Unit (HRMU), Performance Management and Development Unit (PMDU), Public Service Reform Unit (PSRU) and the Office of the Deputy Governor (ODG) Headquarters. An interim arrangment has been put in place to facilitate the smooth functioning of the Units and allow placement and development of staff. On island is consultant Mr. Jeff Ansell to assist with this process. A Team Building and Team Working development session was conducted by Mr. Ansell, with all members of staff within the Office of the Deputy Governor on Friday 8th, January 2010.

Mr. Jeff Ansell, ATOS Consultant

Mr. Jeff Ansell, ATOS Consultant

ODG Staff

Some Participants at ODG's Team Building & Team Working Session

With immediate effect, there will be two (2) Departments operating from the Office of the Deputy Governor, Farara Plaza; these are the Performace Management and Development Unit and the Public Service Reform Unit. Mrs. Delmaude Ryan will have overall responsibility for these Units.

All matters dealing with Training, Corporate and Business Planning and Performance of Units and individuals have been subsumed under PMDU. Students and all other persons wishing to contact the former Training Department, can do so by visiting them at #3 Farara Plaza or telephone (664) 491-2693, 491-9202 and 491-6524.

The Human Resource Management Unit, formely the Department of Administration continues to operate out of the former Administration Department Building at Government Headquarters. Ms. Clemence Fergus will act as Director, HRMU and would have overall responsibility for the activities under ConsularAffairs, Building and Security.


Winner of ContestThe Honourable Deputy Governor, Mrs. Sarita Francis who was on Friday December 4, 2009 sworn in as acting Governor, performed her first official duty on Monday December 7th, 2009. Mrs Francis presented the Governor’s award to seven-year-old Sydni Buffonge, a grade three student at the Brades Primary School. Sydni, who was awarded the top prize in the annual Governor’s Christmas card design competition, entered the winning card which depicted Montserrat Masqueraders. Every year the winning design is used for the Governor’s official Christmas card.

Other winning designs were created by Tiffany Weekes & Kadesa Cabey of Samuel Academy; Jonique Morris & Juan Osborne of St. Augustine Roman Catholic School; Terencia Allen & Shermarrie Weekes of Lookout Primary School, and Olajuwon Williams of Brades Primary School.

Each student received a cash prize donated by His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Peter Waterworth. Also, the participating schools in the competition received school equipment donated by His Excellency, the Governor..